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  • I have been asked many times about how to draw hands, I hear so often how people really struggle drawing hands, it so happens I enjoy the challenge and have designed this stamp set to coordinate perfectly with the previously released 'dinky' scale of stamps and templates.


    There are twelve individual hands, they can be paired in numerous ways, I've included the forearms too which will need to be met up to the wrist, although you may need to add a little pen/pencil to complete the lines...


    To help you create depth and perfect layering with your hand and face stamping I have also designed the perfect companion to your hand stamps, these templates will mask the hand to allow stamping the face exactly where you want it without the need to fussy cut the hands to stick over, or create your own paper or post it versions. There are just one of each hand pose in the mylar template(pic.3) as it's translucent material it's reversible, so can be used for any hands, you might want to consider buying an additional template if you wish to mask pairs of the same hands, these are also reusable and match the stamps exactly!

    If you need a bit of help check out some model poses on picture platforms like Pinterest and Other Copyright Free Images, you'll find 'model' poses show more hands in their photos... And best of all have a play... make a cheat sheet (pic.6) or two(pic.7) for yourself to reference back to, just a simple stamping and masking on copy paper works brilliantly.

    Dinky Hands Stamp Set

    • Measures approximately

      • Hands ~ 3 x 1.5cm(1 1/4 x 5/8")
      • Arms ~ 7.3 x 2.2cm(2 7/8 x 7/8")
      • Bracelets ~ 1.3 x 0.5cm(1/2 x 1/8")

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