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  • Complete your mixed media face with this Ears Stamp set

    I designed this set to expand my face stamp collection, it includes three pairs of ears that coordinate perfectly when you're building a face using my mixed media templates. They are drawn with a front facing view in mind, one pair are quite thin and close to the sides of the head, another poke out a little more, most common on a younger looking face and then there's the pointy ears, because, well, it's so nice to be able to create any portrait you want! Imagine... even more stamping possibilities!

    I have also included a few extra shapes that would make great earrings, stamp along the whole helix, auricle and earlobe, try heat embossing with metallic powders for a lovely metal finish.

    This is a fun set to help you achieve lots of different looks! 
    Why not pair this set with any of the coordinating Mixed Media templates available to help build a whole portrait... as seen in the sample pictures. Just imagine the fun you can have creating actual dolls, mixed media art, and cards.

    Ears Stamp Set

    • Measures approximately ~ Width x Height


      • Smallest ear ~ 1cm(3/8") x 3cm(1 1/8")
      • Pointy ~ 2cm(3/4") x 4.5cm(1 3.4")


      • Smallest ear ~ 1.5cm(1/2") x 4.5cm(1 3/4")

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