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  • I'm really excited to finally get to launch the Joined Paper Art Doll Collection, Paperbabe Stamps first cutting die release...

    You will of course need some elegant hands to add to your doll body, with coordinating stamps and registration reference points you are able to stamp both sides of the hands to create a complete look. the possibilities are endless cut them in any patterned papers you have just like pic.2 and pic.4, they can be patterned, skin tone, or cut blank so you can colour in yourself.

    The coordinating stamp set contains two large stamps that stamp the fronts of the twelve hands and the other that stamps the back of them. It has reference marks in the corners that line up perfectly with the die to make precision cuts every time and there's 22 additional decorative stamps in the set so you can adorn your dolls with tattoos, or mystic markings.

    It does of course works perfectly with the Paper Brad Die PB006 in the collection and makes for invisible joins.
    This die has also been designed to work alongside any of the JPAD Body and head dies and stamps:

    Just imagine the fun you can have creating beautifully articulated paper art dolls, mixed media art, journal pages and cards.

    Jointed Paper Art Doll Hands Combo

    SKU: PB001
    • The Doll Hands Die is approximately 9cm(3 1/2") by 10.5cm(4 1/8") with 12 hands on one die. The hands are approimately 4cm(1 1/2") by 2cm(3/4")
      The coordinating stamp set is an A5 set which includes 24 stamps.

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